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Jeux de réflexion
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Help little super sleuths develop speed and focus. Toddlers and preschools love finding hidden pictures. With this great Try-n-Spy app, they get lots of timed practice. Ready, set, spy it! “How fast can you go? Look around the picture for the 6 images displayed in the windows at the bottom of the screen. Tap on them when you spy them.” Each of the 10 scenes will start out in black and white, but spying all 6 hidden images creates magic. The scene turns full-color fabulous as a wizard in a sleigh blazes across the sky scattering sparkles! Each puzzle records your spy time, and the fastest times will get added to the Hall of Fame! A quick pull on the lever reshuffles the images for more Try-n-Spy fun. Give a tug on the pull-down handle to pick another puzzle. Stuck? Tap the dropdown lightbulb for a hint! Play against a friend or beat your last time. This playful app turns wait times and shopping meltdowns into focused, fanciful, find-it fun! Features
 •10 Try-n-Spy scenes
 •Fun, familiar themes •Easy navigation •Colorful reward animations •Delightful sound effects

Skills: focus; observation; hand-eye coordination; perception; fine motor skills
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